The Friends of Southwark Cathedral was established in 1947 to support the work of the Cathedral

Today, some 70 years later, it is an organisation which has continued and developed this mission. 

Over the years, the Friends have given numerous ‘behind the scenes’ gifts to the Cathedral including the restoration of one of the pinnacles on the tower in the early 1990s and the funds to pay for fire protection work in the roof above the nave in 2001.  More recently, money has been given to support the choirs on tours of Graz, Rome, Prague and Krakow.

The Friends have also paid for the Cathedral floodlighting to be redesigned, upgrading the sound system and this  Cathedral website.

Charity Number: 1159545

Historic Gifts

c.1947  Re-hanging of bells, installation of the flagpole and Shakespeare window after World War II

Junior Friends - New English Bibles for the Choir, crib figures in terracotta and candlesticks for nave altar, stackable chairs

Replacing and mounting of bosses at West End of Cathedral

1964  Willis continuo organ  £1,100

1965  Cope cupboard, circular bookstall, re-hanging of bells

1967  Kneelers

1968  Desk for provost, new flags/flagpole, support of Flower Festival, amplification    

1969  Fabric fund, bibles for 11 new Honorary Canons,  kneelers

1972  Gift of chairs, Friends literature table

1980  Gilding of altar screen

1985  Cathedral lighting £2,000

1986  Gallery for new Chapter House  £21,000

1987  China and cutlery for Chapter House  £2,600,  gold vestments,  wheelchair lift,  security system

1990  Organ appeal £25,000

1991  5 portable radios with connections £3,000

1992  Restoration of processional cross £2,000 , Flower Festival/Crisis  £500,  music system £5,000,  Cathedral leaflet £2,500

1993  Choir cassocks  £3,000,  large oven for Cathedral kitchen   £4,000

1994  Choir visit to USA £2,000

1996  Choir visit to USA £3,000

1997  New kitchen for Montague Chambers £15,000

1998  Repair of North Choir pinnacle £13,000

1999  Silver thurible £750, choir library £3,000 (plus £500 for three years for stock)

2000  Trinity vestments £8,200

1999  Library £4,500

2004  Doors linking Lancelot’s Link and Cathedral £9,500, fire protection of the roof space £55,000

2009  Harvard Chapel re-lighting    £9,427

2011  Contribution towards Girls’ Choir tour to Belfast £2,000, candlestick holders £540

2014  Contribution to the Girls’ Choir tour to Paris £2,000, updating the tablets listing Bishops, Deans and Sub-Deans  £3,000

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