We welcome you to this holy place which is both ancient and modern

Together we continue to serve the people of this area - those who are passing through, crossing the river, making a new home, coming to work or simply here to enjoy themselves – and the people who live here, in much the same way as our forebears did and, with all those who have gone before us, we do it all from a place of praise and worship of Almighty God.

Attending a Service

All are welcome to attend our acts of worship, the times for our regular services can be found here. Please note visiting restrictions may apply.

Recommended Visiting Times

If you do not wish to attend a service then you are very welcome to explore the Cathedral, we highly recommend visiting during the following times as access to parts of the Cathedral are restricted during services:


12.30pm – 3.00pm and 4.00pm – 6.00pm

Monday – Friday

9.00am – 5.00pm


9.30am - 3.45pm & 5.00pm - 6.00pm

The Cathedral plays an active role in the community, and there may be times when we are closed or areas of the Cathedral are restricted to visitors due to a service or an event taking place.  We recommend you check our closures which can be found here

We will do our best to accommodate those that wish to pray or light a candle during these closure times although this may not always be possible.

Hourly Prayers

The Cathedral has established the practice of having hourly prayers throughout the day from 10.30am to 4.30pm.  These prayers are led by our Day Chaplains and last approximately two minutes. During the prayers, all visitors are requested to remain still and are invited to join in saying The Lord's Prayer in their native language.

Photography and Filming

The Cathedral is primarily a place of worship and we believe that those who are here to worship can do so undisturbed.  A number of Cathedral's do not allow photography but we do encourage it outside of services and events.

Anybody wishing to take photographs inside the Cathedral during their visit (for their own use e.g not commercial) is asked to purchase a photo permit for £2.00.  This permit includes a beautifully produced souvenir map highlighting our most important memorials, stained glass windows and history of the Cathedral.  

Photography is not permitted during our any of our services or events.

Fees apply for photographs which are taken with intent to use commercially or which may be used for financial and commercial gain by an individual or business.  Although special arrangments may be made regarding copyright, the intellectual property of Southwark Cathedral, its contents and environs will remain that of The Dean and Chapter of Southwark Cathedral at all times.

Anybody wishing to photograph or film within the Cathedral precint for the above or other reasons such as commercial projects, promotional images, wedding photography or images for public broadcast should contact the Development Director by email or telephone on 020 7367 6704 for further details.

Drop In Tours

We offer a drop-in tour led by one of our Cathedral guides on the following days dependent on services and events taking place:

Wednesday:  2.00  and  3.00

Thursday: 10:30 and 11:30

Friday: 11.00, 1:00 and 3:00

These tours lasts around 45 minutes.   The tours are free.  Donations welcome.

Please check in with the shop or welcome desk to see if guide is available and if so, then meet by the font in the Cathedral.

Souvenir Map and Cathedral Guidebook

There is also a Souvenir Map available which costs £2 and includes a photography permit, or the more extensive Cathedral Guidebook, priced  at £4.50.

Both of these items are available in the Cathedral Shop, Cathedral Welcomers or from our Welcome Desk at the West Entrance.

Information Leaflets

Visitors can pick up free leaflets inside the Cathedral which have information and a basic map of the building. These leaflets are available in a number of different languages.

Group Visits

The Cathedral is a busy and active place of worship.  All groups of 10 or more people must pre-book their visit and there is a mandatory charge.  We are willing to consider large groups seven days a week, although these are subject to services and other activities taking place.  We do also offer a wide range of tours which can be tailored to your needs.   

For further information and how to book your group visit to the Cathedral  please visit here.

School Visits

School groups can visit the cathedral by booking with the Education Centre. For more information, visit here.