Heritage Events: June 2019

Southwark Cathedral regularly holds events about history and heritage.

Here are the events that will be happening in June:

A Bridge in Time - A Tour with Travis Elborough

Saturday 1 June : 1pm to 2:30pm

Travis Elborough leads a walk through two thousand years of the London history, charting the extraordinary stories surrounding the life and times of the capital's first river crossing and the growth of London south of the river.

Tickets £10



A Radical History of the World – A talk by Neil Faulkner

Tuesday 11 June: 7pm to 8:30pm

History is a weapon. The powerful have their version. The people have another. And if we understand how the past was made, we arm ourselves to change the future. Many times in the past, a different society became an absolute necessity. Humans have always struggled to create a better life. They must do so again today. This is a history to prove that we, the many, have the power to change the world. Neil Faulkner is a leading historian, archaeologist, and political thinker.

Tickets £1 - £3



The Dean’s Tour

Wednesday 19 June: 6:30pm to 8pm

Join The Very Revd Andrew Nunn, Dean of Southwark for this unique after-hours spiritual journey around Southwark Cathedral.

Tickets £10



Phoebe - A Talk by Dr Paula Gooder

Thursday 20 June: 7pm to 8:30pm

Paula Gooder tells Phoebe's story – the deaconess who Paul the apostle entrusted his letter to the Romans - and in doing so opens up Paul's theology, giving a sense of the cultural and historical pressures that shaped Paul's thinking, and the faith of the early church. Dr Paula Gooder is a writer and lecturer in Biblical Studies and Director for Mission Learning and Development in the Birmingham Diocese for the Church of England and Chancellor at St Paul's Cathedral.

Tickets £3