What's on now and forthcoming exhibitions on display in the Refectory

Mentor Chico

28 October – 22 November

Chico paints in oil and acrylics on canvas aiming for a naive, playful and happy expression with dynamic colours and shapes.  Predominating colours are fire red, yellow and green melting together in a visual explosion that travel to the subconscious of the audience.  Chico’s subject are the people in London and Latin America, their customs and their religion represented by the sacred symbols of the two cultures.

The London Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers

23 November - 30 November

On display in the Cathedral will be new work by members of the of the Guild including sumptous hadwoven scarves, shawls, bags, throws and rugs, alongside innovative tapestries and handspun yarns, many augumented with beautiful natural dyes.  There will be demostrations of weaving and spinning every day and the chance to purchase unique gifts and accessories.  This will be accompanied by a display of handwoven bookmarks in the Refectory which will be donated to the Cathedral for the use of the clergy, choir and guests at the conclusion of the exhibition.

Crisis - Portraits

2 December - 5 January 2018

An exhibition of portraits captured by Crisis clients.  Dual images of the subject and their key form the basis of the exhibition.  Individually these images represent ordinary people, but collectively they represent a portrait of London, a metropolis on the mov, a city where finding an affordable home is a challenge.  In Crisis' landmark 50th year, we consider the proposition 'What If' through the eyes of our clients, examining the past, considering the present and looking to the future.

Simon Shaw - The Workings of my Inner Brain

6 January - 9 February 2018

Having spent most of his life in South London, Crystal Palace is his home nowdays.  A qualified photographer he was a frustrated artist until digital cameras and Photoshop came of age.  This was when his inner me was released.  This exhibition is a mix of Abstracts, Flowers and Landscapes plus some Animals worked in his very own way.