The Oldest House In London - A Talk by Fiona Rule

Heritage Talk
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    Cathedral Queen Elizabeth II Room

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    7:00 PM

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London’s old buildings hold a wealth of clues to the city’s rich and vibrant past. The histories of some, such as the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey, are well documented. However, these magnificent, world-renowned attractions are not the only places with fascinating tales to tell. Down a narrow, medieval lane on the outskirts of Smithfield stands 41–42 Cloth Fair – the oldest house in the City of London. Fiona Rule uncovers the fascinating survival story of this extraordinary property and the people who owned it and lived in it, set against the backdrop of an ever-changing city that has prevailed over war, disease, fire and economic crises.

Fiona Rule is a writer, researcher and historian, whose previous books include the bestselling The Worst Street In London (Ian Allan, 2008), London’s Docklands (Ian Allan, 2009) and Streets of Sin (The History Press, 2015). A regular contributor to television and radio programmes, Fiona also has her own company, House Histories, which specialises in researching the history of people’s homes. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Local History from the University of Oxford.

Fiona will be signing copies of her publication 'The Oldest House In London' after the talk.

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